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Download free Batman games

LEGO Batman 

 Play alone or with a friend as Batman and Robin and use their array of hi-tech suits, vehicles and special abilities to put the crooks behind bars, then switch to other Gotham City crime fighters like Batgirl and Nightwing to finish the job.
After LEGO and movie mixtures such as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, it's time for the caped crusader to get the plastic treatment: LEGO Batman is here!
LEGO Batman: The Videogame blends the gloomy Batman universe with the hilarious, versatile world of LEGO pieces and figures. This means that on the one hand, the game features realistic 3D backgrounds set in the sinister streets of Gotham City; and on the other, all characters, objects, weapons and furniture in the game are made up of colorful LEGO blocks, which creates a fun
Batman Games
Download free Batman games.
Big collection of free full version Batman games for Computer / PC.
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Are you hero or villain in the LEGO version of Batman! 437 MB 

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